You are an cute little alien who has set out on a journey to see more of the universe. Travel as far as you can and try to beat your high score while avoiding dangers along the way.

Asteroid Alien is an endless procedurally generated runner where you have to jump from asteroid to asteroid through space and survive as long as possible! This game starts easy but the further you go, the harder it gets.


  • Use Arrow Keys or W, A, D to move
  • You can also use Space to jump

This game is designed to be a mobile game but currently only has controls for pc. We are planning a full version for mobile with skins, separate galaxies,  coins, and possibly even online high scores!

This game was made for AngrySmile's Beginner's Jam #3 in two weeks by Team Squishy

The Team:

Design: RMD Kurnya || Dyrolvaid || TigerSkyDev

Programming: TigerSkyDev

Art: RMD Kurnya (a.k.a SummerOrigins)

Music: Raphael Batot

If you enjoy the game be sure to leave a review or a comment below, this will really help us out :-D. 


by the way my highscore is over 800 :-D.


Asteroid 57 MB

Development log


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Had a lot of fun, would love to see it on Google Play or iOS!

I had alot of fun playing this game, definitely a game I would play if I was bored or something. It was very addicting lol I didn't want to stop playing, anyways good job and keep it up!

Thanks a lot and I appreciate that you played it!

really fun and addicting to play, i heard about you guys planning to release to mobile, and i just wanted to say that i would most definitely play it regularly, its just SO addicting xD nice job and graphics are great!


So glad to hear that! Thanks for playing :-)

Just curious what was your high score?

261 was my best :D


not a bad start :D. My best is 828

wow thats a lot haha xD


Simple yet effective and addictive. Most certainly a positive experience. Keep it up and you can achieve great things!

Thank you! We're really glad you enjoyed it!


thats a beautiful visual, and the game is really addict. export to plays store and become rich guys, hahaha


Haha! We do have some plants polishing it and exporting it to google play but we'll see :3c


Wow ! Thanks to all the team for making this game.
Your graphics are so cute ! The gameplay is cool, sounds are good, i like animations. 
Congratulations ! 

Thank you!! We're glad you liked the game!


The polish on this game is really great, good job! A small problem for me is that I'd expect the "a" key and the "d" key to be reversed, since we mostly hit the planet from the bottom it makes more sense for them to be mapped like that. Other than that, the game was really enjoyable, keep it up!

We were unsure about that for a while but when it comes down to it a is clockwise and d is anticlockwise which works much better. Thanks for the feedback and enjoy the game!


A really well polished game! Art is cute, the mechanic is simple but fun and nicely done, and the music compliment everything perfectly.

Overal,l a really efficient design for a really good game!

Thank you! We're glad you think so! We tried our best to focus on making gameplay simple and fun during these two weeks and spent the last few days just testing it hahah. We're very glad you feel that way!


You guys did such a great job! Would love to play it on mobile with some different skins and stuff as unlockables

Please look forward to it! We do plan on releasing an updated version on mobile with skins and unlockables! (and perhaps new features? heheh)


I love it! Music is nice and calming, and the visuals are clean and simple. A thing that may add a lot more to the experience is to make it progressively harder as it goes on. I'd love to see a mobile release of this soon!

Thank you for the feedback! I think most of the team would agree that balancing the difficulty progression has been quite a challenge, but we hope to test and improve this in future updates! please look forward to it!


I really like this game! Good Job!

Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed playing it!


Liked the game, it's pretty addicting and the controls are tight. Good presentation.

Thanks for giving the game a little spin (heheh) We're glad to hear that you enjoyed it!


This is so fun and adorable!!  I love it, great work everyone involved!

It was a team effort


This looks so cute and polish, great work and +1 to the Artist :)

Thank you very much!


Amazing art and game play! I would definitely download it from GPlay without noticing it was done in 2 weeks for a game jam.


If you could leave a feedback on mine as well, It is the first game a make.

We will be putting it on google play with all the features people are suggesting
and sure, I will play your game


this is good

(1 edit)

Thank you, enjoy!


This must be the cutest game I've ever seen! Love it!

Thanks, SummerOrigins is an excellent artist!