The Quest of the Elders is a complete short metroidvania game. There are multiple bosses, a proper objectives system, and a lot of other features similar to Hollow Knight.

This game is a fantasy game with a storyline that leaves potential for a large sequel. If this game is popular I will consider making that sequel, so play the game and let me know what you think of it. It does not take long to play and it is a proper game.

I recommend downloading the game if you are on pc.

If you have your computer volume on max and come complaining that the audio is too loud, I have nothing to say to you.

Made by TigerSkyDev/Sense_101.

If you want to contact me my email is

My Discord:, please report any bugs there.

Controls are explained in-game but if you want to play with controller the controls are:

Left Stick to move, A to jump, LB to attack, RB to heal, and X to save

Please rate the game if you like it.

Install instructions

Unzip  the file and open the executable in the unzipped folder to play the game.


The Quest of the 32 MB

Development log


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not bad